Happy Campers and a GIVEAWAY!!!

Summer camp! Remember it? Remember that nervous excitement before you left? Coming home exhausted and exhilarated all at the same time, hungry, yet filled? My girls are at that age now. As teens their need for experience is great, but their need for guidance is greater. That’s why we love YoungLife Camp. Campers are encouraged, entertained, and filled with the Spirit in a way that is completely suited for them. Some of their strongest friendships were forged at camp. Encouraging mentors still keep in touch with them, guiding them in their walk. It’s touted, “The Best Week of Your Life,” and for many it absolutely is. Camp is for all kids. That includes African kids.

Africa is a country rapped with poverty. Her landscape is rich, while her people lack. And yet, they thrive. Enter Karama Collection. Karama has given them opportunity. Karama has given them hope. Partnering with 27 artisans in six different countries, Karama is impacting Africa socially and economically. These artisans create beauty from recycled metals, sew leather into gorgeous bags, and use centuries old technique to dye linens. Because of Karama’s commitment to Young Life Africa, they are impacting Africa ETERNALLY. A portion of sales is dedicated to sending African youth to YoungLife camp! Generations of Africans will be changed because of the good work Karama is doing. Proverbs 22:6 tells us, “Teach a child to choose the right path, and when he is older, he will remain upon it.” This is where that path begins for many of them. This legacy will change nations.

I was introduced to this amazing company while attending She Speaks this summer. Drawn to the stunning textiles and the unique jewelry, I browsed around making my mental wishlist. I connected with a lovely woman from my home state who shared with me the mission of Karama, and I felt immediately connected to these people: unlikely choices, chosen to further the kingdom with their gifts. Their stories are woven into the fabrics they create, hammered into the metals of their pieces. The necklace I am wearing is called The Floating Necklace. It’s light and versatile. The diamond floats on the delicate chain, resting nicely at my collar. I love it on its own, but also layered with some of my other Karama favorites.

Want to be a part of the mission of Karama? Head over to my Instagram page for a Karama Collection giveaway!!! Be sure to check out Karama Collection’s website and use code MCANDREWSSS16 to receive a 15% discount!!! Your purchase will continue the good work of Karama Collection. In Proverbs 16:3, we are told that when we commit to the Lord whatever we do, He will establish our plans. Karama Collection is committed to the Lord and by faith we know He will bless them.

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